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Which Solution is Right for You? 

Everyone’s needs are different. That’s why it is important to understand the different types of cardboard. Below is useful information that will help our customers better understand the different types of materials and their limitations. If you need further information, please feel free to give us a call or drop an email.


Custom, Sturdy, Reliable.
Fluted Corrugate

Our boxes are bespoke made allowing our sales team to customise each box to ensure fit for purpose.


The outer walls of our boxes are designed to suit our customers. Different board grades are used depending on the overall finish and use. e.g. flexographic printing.

Glued or Stitched

Our boxes can be either glued or stitched depending on the customers requirements and purpose.

Test Lined

Direction of the flute to ensure the sturdyness of the box.


High Volume, Fast Turnaround.
Brand Recognition

Flexograph printers allow us to take brand awareness further with printing our customers brand to maximum impact.

Die Cut

Using our Redline Die Cutter, our team work with you to design the ideal cutting forme. Die-Cutting is the most effective way to produce high volumes with fast turn arround.

The Basics

The Finer Details.

E Flute

E Flute approximately 1.0-1.8mm in thickness and is regarded as the finest flute available. This compressed flute provides customers will an excellent surface for printing and is crush resistance.

Recommended For:

Smaller carton sizes and Die Cutting.

B Flute

B Flute is one of the most common types used in packaging, measuring at 2.1-3.0mm in thickness. Its trademark versatility allows being used in die-cutting and traditional case making. Its attraction is being an excellent all-rounder with a multitude of uses.

Recommended For:

Standard sized boxes for everyday use and manufactured in conventional and die-cut production.

C Flute

C Flute provides a much stronger compression than B Flute, measuring at approximately  3.2-3.9mm in thickness. C Flute is ideal for transporting and packing lighter production if high stacking will occur. However, if incorrect stacking has applied the box is prone to crushing.

Recommended For:

Stacking applications for lightweight productions. Ideal for both conventional and die-cut production.

BC Flute

BC Flute is double-walled and provides greater protection to the contents. This type of cardboard brings B & C Flute together to create this thicker board. Measuring approximately 2.1-3.9mm thick the outer liner is used for basic prints that tend to be flexographic printing.

Recommended For:

Fragile goods and long distance transit.

All measurements shown are approximate and should not be taken as exact. Please consult your account manager for clarification.